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Vice Chancellor


Vice Chancellor

Chartered International Da Vinci University, Delaware, USA

Formerly Pro-Vice Chancellor

West Coast International University of Sciences, Technology, Management and Arts, Delaware/Washington (D.C), USA

Distinguished Professor, Mathematician, Statistician, Management Scientist and Data Analyst

M.Sc. (RMLAU), MBA (CS, NU, USA), M. Tech. (CSE & IT, CUICI/WCUI), Ph.D. (Math & Stats, RMLAU), Ph.D. (CSE & IT, CUICI/WCUI),

Triple Post-Doctorate D.Sc. (Science, Technology & Management, CUICI/WCUI, USA), D.Litt. (CUICI/MTWU), D.Sc. (H.C/CIDVU/CUICI)


E-mail: vc@davinciintl.education , prof_vnmaurya@yahoo.in, provc@wcuglobaledu.com,

Website: https://davinciintl.education, https://profvnmaurya.myfreshworks.com/profile

Website of other Affiliated Universities: https://wcuglobaledu.com, https://www.crownintl.education/grand-board-of-trustees/



Distinguished Prof. Sir (Dr.) Vishwa Nath Maurya (born on 15th July 1974) is an Indian citizen by birth and he is one of the top most notable Asian American Educationist, Distinguished Emeritus Professor, Eminent Mathematician, Statistician and Management Scientist. Prof. V.N. Maurya has proven a demonstrated history in multidimensional fields of academic, administrative, research and educational leadership. Presently Prof. VN Maurya is working as Vice Chancellor (Executive & Administrative) of globally accredited and recognized Chartered International Da Vinci University (DVU), , USA. Prior to joining as Vice Chancellor of Chartered International Da Vinci University (DVU), , USA, Prof. Maurya worked as Pro-Vice Chancellor of West Coast International University of Sciences, Technology, Management and Arts (Formerly known as West Coast University International, United States of America), Delaware/Washington, D.C., USA. Till date Prof. Maurya has served over 26 years in several premier Indian, Fijian, African and American Universities in all administrative capacities and academic ranks of Lecturer to full Professor, Head of Department, Academic Dean, Executive Dean of Faculty and Director of Institute, Controller of Examinations (CoE), Pro Vice-Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. Prof. Maurya served as Visiting Professor, Distinguished Professor & Executive Dean and Director, Faculty of Science & Technology, Academic Affairs, Research & Development at Crown University International Chartered Inc. (CUICI) USA, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina for approx. 11 years during 2011 to June 2022. In view of driving his academic excellence and providing strategic direction while working as Pro-Vice Chancellor of West Coast International University of Sciences, Technology, Management and Arts, USA, Prof. V.N. Maurya was appointed for Vice Chancellor of Chartered International Da Vinci University (DVU), Delaware, USA under leadership of His Excellency Pro-Chancellor, UNESCO Laureate Prof. SIR  Bashiru Aremu; who recognized as Vice Chancellor of Crown University International Inc. USA the academic leadership role of the Best Vice Chancellor Laureate Prof. (Dr.) Vishwa Nath Maurya during his service as a Distinguished Professor, Executive Dean and Director, Faculty of Science and Technology, Academics and Research Development at Crown University International Inc. USA, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Earlier too, Prof. Maurya was internationally recognized for his academic excellence and educational leadership role, therefore he was appointed twice for academic leadership position of Senior Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences including Engineering at Copperstone University, Kitwe, Zambia (South Africa) in May 2022 and for Professor and Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, and Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at Copperstone University, Kitwe, Zambia (South Africa) in May 2015 (over 7 years ago).He has worked as Dean and Controller of Examinations at Oriental University, Indore (M.P) after serving as Professor of Mathematics & Statistics at K.L. University, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (NAAC accredited A++ grade University and Institution for National Importance, declared by the Govt. of India). Prof. Maurya has vast experience of innovative teaching, scientific research, academic leadership and excellence, strategic planning & development as an experienced, exemplary, dynamic and distinguished Professor, Head of Dept., Controller of Examinations, Dean Academics and Executive Director of AICTE approved Technical Institutes; The University of Fiji, Fiji Islands; Copperstone University, Zambia; Crown University International Inc. USA; U.P. Technical University, Lucknow; Rajasthan Technical University, Kota; Singhania University, Jhunjhunu; Mody University of Science & Technology (Formerly known as MITS Deemed University), Rajasthan, India. Long back over 18 years in 2004, Dr. V N Maurya was awarded firstly for full Professor rank along with Chairman/Head of Department of Applied Sciences and Engineering in UGC recognized Singhania University, Rajasthan (Formerly known as SILMST) under the leadership of its Founder Chancellor Mr. D.C. Singhania, an eminent Advocate and International lawyer. Apart from administrative, academics and research activities, Prof. Maurya has been serving as India/USA Chapter Member and Evaluation Commission Member of International Accreditation Organization, (IAO), Houston, USA on honorary basis for last 4 years. 


Prof. V.N. Maurya accomplished firstly his B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. in first division with specialization in Mathematics and Statistics during 1991-2000 under supervision of Prof. (Dr.) S.N. Singh, Ph.D. (BHU) Professor/HoD/Dean and Vice-Chancellor (Retired), Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University, Faizabad/Ayodhya (NAAC accredited B+ Grade State University of U.P. Govt., India). Later, during 2001-2003, he accomplished his second Master’s MBA (Masters of Business Administration) Degree in first division (Grade B+) with specialization in Computer Science, Operations and Finance Management from Newport University, California, USA. Subsequently Prof. Maurya earned his third Master’s and second Doctorate Dual Degree’ an integrated M. Tech. (Research) and Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology on his Thesis entitled ‘’Use of Some Computer Algorithms and Contemporary Computing Information Technologies in Optimization Models’’ from Faculty of Engineering & Technology of Crown University International Inc. USA in collaboration with West Coast University International (WCUI), USA during 2011-2015. For his significant substantial research works as sole and principal author published in worldwide peer reviewed and SCI indexed international journals with high impact factors in diversified fields of Science, Technology and Management, Prof. Maurya earned his triple post-doctorate degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from the internationally accredited and recognized Crown University International Inc. USA in collaboration with West Coast International University of Sciences. Technology, Management and Arts, United States of America (Formerly known as West Coast University International, USA). UNESCO Laureate Prof. Sir Aremu Bashiru, Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Inc. USA, and Prof. (Dr.) Ram Bilas Misra, Ex Vice-Chancellor, Dr. RML Avadh University, Faizabad/Ayodhya, have been Advisors for his post-doctoral D.Sc. (Doctor of Science) Degrees.  Firstly in August 2014, Prof. Maurya was confirmed for awarded of post-doctorate degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) for his D.Sc. Thesis entitled “Applications of Mathematical Modelling and Simulation Techniques with Computational Approach” in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology. Secondly in December 2016 for his D.Sc. Thesis entitled “Performance Analysis and Inference of Some Advanced Queuing Models Using Maximum Entropy Approach and Diversified Computing Techniques” Prof. Maurya was awarded for post-doctorate Doctor of Science (D.Sc. Tech.) degree in Data Science, Statistical Modelling and Operations Research, Faculty of Engineering and Technology and thricely in February 2022 for his D.Sc. Thesis entitled “Use of Statistical Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Business Management and Industrial Technology” he was awarded for post-doctorate degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc. Tech.) degree in Management Science & Industrial Technology, Faculty of Business Management and Faculty of Engineering and Technology from the internationally accredited South American Universities: Crown University International Inc. USA, Santa Cruz, Argentina in collaboration with West Coast International University of Sciences, Technology, Management and Arts, USA.  Apart from his earned academic Ph.D and D.Sc. degrees, Prof. Maurya has been honored for some honorary doctorates D.Litt./D.Sc.

As a scientific researcher, sole, principal and first author Prof. Maurya published over 150 scientific research papers, 12 reference/textbook e-books, book chapters and special issues in peer reviewed and SCI / Scopus indexed international journals including IEEE, American Journal of Operational Research, American Journal of Modelling and Optimization, American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics, American Journal of Computer Research Repository, International Journal of Bioengineering and Life Sciences, International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WASET, Italy), Open Journal of Optimization (USA), American Open Journal of Agricultural Research, Journal of Cell Science & Theory (JCEST, USA), International Journal of Information Technology and Operations Management, International Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Applied Computing (USA), Journal of Engineering and Technology Research (Georgia), International Journal of Electronics Communication and Electrical Engineering (Algeria), World of Sciences Journal-SCI indexed (Austria), Physical Sciences Research International (Nigeria) International Journal of Management & Systems (India) etc. In 2013, while Prof. VN Maurya was serving as Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the University of Fiji, Fiji Islands (Australian Continent)), his post-doctoral D.Sc. dissertation was published in the form of reference book entitled “Performance Analysis and Inference of Mixed Queuing Models” in Scholar’s Press Publishing Co., Saarbrucken, Germany. Based on recognition of his academic excellence, tremendous research contribution and publication of research papers in worldwide peer reviewed and SCI/Scopus indexed international journals with high impact factors as sole and principal author recently Prof. Maurya has been honored for Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.) Honorary Causa degree also in diversified and interdisciplinary fields of Business Administration and Finance Management by some accredited Asian, American, European Institutions including the Crown University International Chartered Inc. Argentina, USA and Chartered International Da Vinci University, USA (Globally accredited and recognized American Universities).

By way of providing value-based result, academic delivery, strategic direction and research publications Prof. Maurya has demonstrated his academic and research excellence. Prof. Maurya has contributed greatly as a global scientific researcher and prolific author in the field of mathematical, statistical and computational, data science and Engineering, Computer Science including Operations Management and other interdisciplinary subjects such as biostatistics, business statistics and agricultural statistics. As profound researcher Prof. Maurya has contributed the role of Editor-in-chief of several Indian and American peer reviewed international journals including American Journal of Biological and Environmental Statistics, Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Applied Mathematics and Physics, American Journal of Computing Research Repository, National Research Jr. of Pure and Applied Mathematics and its Applications, and National Research Jr. of Information Technology and Information Science. Besides contributing as a profound Member of Editorial Board of over five dozen peer reviewed international journals including Time Journal of Engineering and Physical Science (TJEPS), Nigeria Prof. Maurya served as Chief Guest Editor of several special issues  “Scope of Statistical Modelling and Optimization Techniques in Management Decision Making Process’’, “Application and Future Scope of Fundamental Mathematical and Computational Sciences in Engineering & Technology’’ and “Review and Future Scope of Computational Modelling, Simulation and Optimization Techniques in Engineering Science and Industrial Technology’’ published respectively in American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics, American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, American Journal of Modelling and Optimization[ etc. with globally well-known research collaborators and eminent professors Dr. Ram Bilas Misra, Ex Vice-Chancellor, Dr. RML Avadh University, Faizabad, and former Professor of Mathematics, State University of New York (SUNY) Korea; Dr. Bijay Singh, Honorary Senior Scientist, Indian National Science Academy (INSA) New Delhi and Ex National Research Professor of Soil Sciences, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi and, New Delhi; Prof. (Dr.) Chandra K. Jaggi, Sr. Professor & Ex-Head, Dept. of Operations Research, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. As an international distinguished mathematician, statistician and data scientist Dr. V.N. Maurya played on role of advisory member of International Scientific Committee of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, and research committees of International Conferences held in Austria, France, India Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA organized by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET) Italy; Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED) USA and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology and Innovation Society, New Delhi, India. As approved Supervisor of UGC recognized various Indian and accredited Foreign Universities for Research Programs leading to M. Tech. (Research), M.Phil., Ph.D., DBA and D.Sc. he has guided as Principal Supervisor and Co-Supervisor to various M. Tech., M.Phil., Ph.D. and D.Sc. research scholars. At present 8 International Ph.D., DBA and D.Sc. Research Scholars from Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, USA and other countries are doing research work under Supervision of Prof. V.N. Maurya. Apart from this, he is also on active role of Fellow/Senior/Life Member of various reputed national and international professional bodies of India, Italy, Singapore, UK, USA and others including Operations Research Society of India, Kolkata; Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi; Indian Association for Productivity, Quality and Reliability Kolkata; Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata; IISA Kolkata; Rajasthan Ganita Parishad, Ajmer, Rajasthan; International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, Singapore; International Chartered World Learned Society USA based organization with worldwide offices in Africa/Europe/Oceania & many more. In view of his worldwide outstanding academic and research contributions Prof. Maurya has been honored for over two dozen prestigious national and international awards such as Bharat Gaurav Award, Rastriya Shikcha Ratna Award and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award, Best Vice Chancellor Award of the Year 2022, International Distinguished Scientist Award, Life Time Achievement International Award, Distinguished Scientific Editor and Contributor Award, International World Chartered Learned Life Fellow, Salute the Most Notable and Top Distinguished Education Leader of the 21st Century, Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Memorial National Award, Rashtra Bhushan Award, Vidya Bhushan Award, Asia Pacific Who’s Who Award 2021 & 2019, Asian Admirable Achiever Award, Kohinoor Personality of Asia Award 2017, Asian American Who’s Who Award, Emerald Who’s Who in Asia, Asia’s Who’s Who in Men & Women achievement, Intellectual of the year 2019 Award, Rising Personality of the Year 2020, Famous India: Nation’s Who’s Who Award, Who’s Who in India etc.

Apart from above mentioned key achievements, as a social activist / reformer Prof. Maurya contributed tremendously for community services to aware Indian people towards humanity, integrity, nonviolence and scientific approaches. His significant contributions through his huge and un-tired efforts against extreme corruption, exploitation, injustice and violence in the interest of society and nation may be found partially in his tremendous social works and reforms. Over 200 articles for community services have already been published in several newspapers both in digital and print media including Dainik Jagaran, Amar Ujala, Rastriya Sahara, Swatantra Bharat, Rashtriya Sangam, Bhojpuri Rajya Sandesh, Times of India, Morning Tea News, Samrat Darpan, Saifai Bulletin News, Prahari Newspapers etc.  On the top most priority his keen interest is to focus and strengthen the national integrity and overall development of society and nation from all aspects. In view of his global recognition in the scientific community of the world as an Asian American distinguished professor, management scientist, exemplary mathematician, statistician and as well as a renowned Indian social activist/reformer and politician Prof. Maurya deserves utmost for receiving Bharat Ratna, the most prestigious award of India.

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