Prof Dr Kemal Yildirim

Member World Grand Board of Directors and Dean, Faculty of Social Science

Prof. Dr. Kemal Yildirim

Prof Dr. Kemal Yildirim has got His Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland and Ph.D. at University of Azteca and CNU Nicaragua (Dual ) degree in social sciences with a major in comparative politics in 2013 and later on he has continued with his further research on Cultural studies and Anthropology  Meanwhile Dr. Yildirim has also got Dr. Lit degree from city University in Cambodia  in cultural studies in 2017 and specialized in early history and civilizations in Mesopotamia

However, Dr. Yildirim has pursued his post Doctoral research at the University of Coimbra at  Faculty of Human rights in Portugal and specialized on  Democracy and political change – and pursued research and submitted his Postdoc thesis on ”Are we no longer a functioning democracy & Are we really a plutocracy ? with An approach on Middle East region ”and later he has attended with his Postdoc research at Buenos Aires University on immigration and conflicts faced by Latin American countries.

On this, while he has attended as a senior researcher at EMUI (European Mediterranean University) for an academic year to conduct research on immigration issues in Mediterranean countries.

Dr. Yildirim has ben conferred Professorship title in Modern and Ancient Middle eastern studies by City university in Cambodia as well as Professorship in comparative politics from the European school of law and Governance in Kosovo.

Dr. Yildirim is also known as a scriptwriter and Film Directer his Filmologies are:

1- Afekouh Produced in Ghana

2- Escape Produced in Ghana and  Ivory Coast

Dr. Yıldırım was awarded the Best screenwriting Award by Mahatma Fule foundation from India.

Dr. Yildirim is a Peace ambassador of World Parliament of Religions in US and Member with Indian Org for  Economic Development .

Dr Yildirim is also a Jornalist and is a member of Professional Practices Board member at CLOJ Chartered institute of Journalists in UK which is  the oldest Professional body and Trade Union for Journalists in UK

Dr Yildirim has published 30 books and more than 100 articles in peer journals and he is on board   of a number of peer journals as editorial member He is  founder of KOFI ANNAN AFRICAN STUDIES INSTITUTE in Turkey /  *Kofi Annan Ebibirem Adesua Ntoaso) Kuo

International awards

JPL award by Kentucky Colonel / Governor / Commonwealth & John Potter Literacy award by  ST .CEG  University / Mahatma Fule Foundation India award for Best film # WONM (Canada) HON Humanitarian  DR title (Humanitarian Ambassador to Turkey) # FABiC Faculdade de Bico do Papagao Professor Honorario title from Brasil  & Africa Peace Award for Protection of Human rights  by AFCOPB Accra Ghana