Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts/Humanities of  Da Vinci University offers a variety of degree programs in several fields including :
  • Bachelor of Literature (B.Litt.): An undergraduate degree that emphasizes literature and literary studies.
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil.): Focuses on philosophical theories, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning.
  • Bachelor of History (B.Hist.): Concentrates on historical events, research, and analysis.
  • Bachelor of Linguistics (B.Ling.): Studies the structure and evolution of languages and their impact on society.
  • Bachelor of Communications (B.Comm. or B.A. in Communication): Focuses on media, journalism, public relations, and communication theory.
  • Bachelor of Religious Studies (B.R.S.): Concentrates on the academic study of various religions and religious traditions.
  • Bachelor of English (B.A. in English): Studies the English language, literature, and writing.
  • Bachelor of Psychology (B.Psych.)
  • Bachelor of Sociology (B.Soc.)
  • Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.)
  • Bachelor of Political Science (B.Pol.Sc.)