Management Consultant, Author, University Teacher

Faculty Member, Ceprod and Davinci University

Welcome to the profile of Dr. Chris Egbu, a renowned management consultant, accomplished author, and esteemed University educator. His contributions have earned international recognition, featuring prominently in esteemed publications such as: The Nigerian Accountant, the prestigious journal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. 

Dr. Egbu holds a distinguished accreditation from CMC-Global, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), as a Management Trainer. His profound insights are encapsulated in more than four published books, including Entrepreneurial Finance, New Ways of Employee Empowerment, and Easy Steps to Be More Productive & Education and Academic Excellence.

Dr. Egbu earned his Master of Business  Administration (MBA) from the Delta State University Business School, a testament to his dedication to academic achievement. His educational journey also encompassed formative years at Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria, and further honing of his expertise at St Clements University Higher Education School, Niue.

A Pedagogue of Distinction

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Egbu has enriched the educational landscape through his teaching acumen. His expert guidance has illuminated subjects such as Accounting, Project Management, Finance, Dissertation Writing Skills, and Strategic Management. His pedagogical influence has graced esteemed institutions, including Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Oak Business School, Davinci University, USA, Veni University, USA, and the Centre for Public Service Productivity & Development, of which he is a founding Director.


Leadership and Impact

Dr. Egbu’s leadership extends beyond the classroom. Notable roles include Chairman of the Governing Council of the Association of Pension Desk Practitioners of Nigeria and Director General of the Centre for Public Service Productivity & Development, Nigeria. His expertise is tapped as an Examiner/Assessor for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. He is the driving force behind Newways Consulting Group, a multidisciplinary professional firm that excels in Training and Education, Financial Services, and Management Consultancy.

Championing Online Distance Learning

A visionary advocate, Dr. Egbu champions Online Distance Learning and Continuing Education for executives in both private and public sectors. He perceives online education as a catalyst for employment opportunities for qualified young graduates and as a solution to expanding university access for aspiring students with admission potential.

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Egbu’s research orbit revolves around compelling areas including productivity enhancement, small business enterprise performance, management consultancy, e-Learning, and distance learning. He is steadfast in his belief that Nigeria can embrace productivity paradigms akin to those of Germany, India, China, Japan, the United States of America, and Denmark. His mission is to augment national productivity to mitigate unemployment, inflation, and insecurity.


In Dr. Chris Egbu, we encounter a luminary who has woven together diverse strands of expertise in the service of education, empowerment, and advancement. His commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth stands as an enduring beacon in the realms of academia and consultancy.